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 One of the highlights of high school life is definitely prom. The day we get to wear a pretty dress and get all dolled up like a little princess. But what type of girl doesn’t love that?
It is not often that we get to participate in a prom. 
That’s why choosing your prom gown is really important .

This part took me forever . Fashion dilemma . HAHA . After one month of searching. I ended up wearing this simple black gown by one of my favorite designers Cherry . I’ve been eyeing this every time I visit his instagram account .  It’s made of lace , sequence and sheer . 

It’s perfect ! I felt like a princess . Princess for a day. Everything just felt amazing. Sa haba ba naman! HAHA

Not just for your gown but for hair and make-up as well. 

I had to look for a make up artist and hair stylist. Everyone was not available on the day of my prom. Thank you to my Aunt Tarah ! She recommended me to try Miss Imelda of David’s Salon to do my hair and makeup. 

“Ang saya ko lang” 

My gown is embellished in sequence .

Aunt’s Tiara

Earrings and Feather head dress from Accessorize Robinsons Galleria .

Victoria's Secret Bag 

I am in love with the details . Ang lakas maka’Feather” . 

I think the pattern brought the gown to the next level . J

My ultimate favorite pair of heels J Tiis ganda! 

Prom was awesome! I had the best time with my friends!
Six hours of laughing and dancing and exhausting my cheek muscles while taking pictures with them . 

Prom may be over for us, but it isn’t over for everyone. 

Embrace it! Enjoy every second of it . The moment’s over before you know it, so try to enjoy it for the few sparkling hours of your life J

Tine !:>

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