Thursday, October 31, 2013



Didn't get to attend this year's Candy Fair and see your favorite Candy Cutie? Don't worry I have set of photos to share !

As I've said, Here are the photos of the Candy Cuties I spotted this year .

 Bryan Arevalo

 Ash Mahinay 

 Andrew Baldwin

 Patrick Uy

 Kelvin Engles 

 Aldwin Li

Jonathan Irvin Garcia 

Alfonso Ancheta 

Jeremy Mojica

Dax Guevarra 

 Patrick Uy

Yasser Marta

 Manolo Pedrosa 

 Phillip Jonathan Bennett

Joshua Joffe

Julio Vicencio 

 Teejay Sanchez

Pete Cureg

Jason Santos

Jesse Perkins

Christian Perkins

And my forever favorite Candy Cutie is Maqui  . He’s part of the Candy Cuties 2012 . I thought that he’ll be mingling around just like last year but I found out later that only this year’s would be at the booths. Heartbreaking </3. I just asked Mardy to take a video of him . Being “sawi” is one of the worst feelings in the world . </3 Huhu. 

So after the finale song , Mardy and I decided to go to the rest room hoping that I’ll see him before he go home.(Umaasa pa rin ako :<)  And finally I saw him coming out. Based on how he looked, he was really tired. But he was still game to smile for the camera .  

Thank you Maqui for being so nice despite of the fact that you were already tired. 

The moment everyone’s been waiting for, Candy Cuties + Celebrities in one stage .

  It was great meeting the Candy Cuties who were so approachable and ready to mingle with everyone.

  Standing for almost 8 hours , going to different places of the venue  , lining up that long just to try those fun booths , cheering for the people performing on stage were all worth the pagod .

Another day worth remembering for candy girls like me !:D

Tine !:>

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