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I tend to look through old pictures of me and family members when we were children, and I noticed that I didn’t go through many phases with hair styles. I just had a very long straight hair that reached the bottom of my back, shoulder length hair.  It was my shield, my protection, and my security all my life and I've gotten bored of it. I always tell myself not to cut my hair or do anything to it, but after 15 years of the same thing, I think it's time for change. Since I’m not willing to sacrifice any length or change my color, then how about going for a new way to wear my  hair? I tried Digital Perming.

It took so long for my hair to finally grow this length, and I don’t trust it to some incompetent hairdresser who will ruin the whole thing. Luckily , I found the secret to beautiful, manageable, fuss-free hair and it is located in Eastwood City Walk 2 . Meet Mr. Jo , the creative director and Ms. Angge , the senior hairstylist of AZTA URBAN SALON.

We started with the usual shampoo and combing to soften hair out and breaks down the bonds in the hair. A solution was then applied to open up my hair strands’ pores which was necessary for the strands to curl better with the heat. This was left on my hair for about 20 minutes and then washed off completely.

The strands of my hair were wound around the rollers.  Wrapping them in pieces of paper, and then rolling them in curling rods and securing with elastic bands. Three people stood around me doing this, so as to speed up the process a bit. What a stressful job this part could get!

Heat protection pads were also used in between the skin and roller.
Each roller was then strapped on to the digiperm machine, which controls the heat and the time it will take for my hair to cook. After an hour, my hair was removed from the curlers and soaked in another solution for about 20 minutes. After one last rinse, my perm was finally done.

I’m really happy with how myperm turned out, and I’m glad I chose to get my hair done at Azta Urban Salon. Asidefrom the awesome job Mr. Jo did, it was the little things that made the wholeexperience worthwhile. 

The staffs made sure I was comfortable the entire time and kept offering me magazines to read and juices to drink. I even got a head, neck, and shoulder massage while my hair was being soaked. I have to say that they’re very nice.

I got really great service and walked away with awesome hair.

 So yeah, if you guys are looking for great digital perms, I highly recommend everyone to make an appointment with AZTA. Make a note to bookmark their website as well, it’ll make it easier to find in the future!

Big big thanks to the AZTA URBAN SALON staff especially to Mr. Jo, Sir Von, Ms. Angge and Ms. Meg .

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"Life is short and havingnice curls feels good so make sure to enjoy it while you have it! "

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Note: These photos were taken using my phone and my camera . Hope that’s fine! :)

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